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Today's 25 of September of 1988

There are nearly 01 (one) hour of the morning, when I just had a dream about a future.
In the dream seemed to be night and a great moon shone upon the earth. First I called my father and showed the darkness and great moon and said:

___ Do you know what does this mean? The eclipse will last three days and we have forty-eight hours to hide and closed so that there is no passage of air because the air will come after the Forty-eight hours will be poisonous.

My Father said in the dream:
___ Do you know that a sinner can not save himself?
I replied:
___ That's right, but now many people also save sinners.
I asked one boy was seven hours and hours of the morning, and had passed a few minutes. So I decided to check Forty-eight hours on the clock as a reference point.

The house was the dream of my grandmother's house and suddenly it was a great house, and I followed a crowd where some were unsure about it and asked me.
___ What if I'm wasting time here, as I stand before others?
___ The mistake would be my one and only.
It was dark as night and seemed to spend a day. I asked someone the time, but I was unsure if he had spent one day, but still had much work. I gathered a lot of people and started to close the huge house, so that no window stay open, so that there is no opening.

When only one or two missing doors to my cousin asked the hours. Teofilo did not answer and I was nervous because I wanted to know if they were seven or nearly seven hours, but the boy seemed worried about where your family.
In the dream there is an eclipse where the moon looked huge and somehow was able to see two moons, and another one near the eclipse would last three days.
(Two Moons) looked for a refraction.


                         Nostradamus IV-31

La lune ao plain de nuict sur le haut mont,
Le nouveau sophe d'un seul cerveaux l'a veu;
Par ser disciples estre immortel semond,
Yeux au midy, en seins, mains, corps au feu.
                                      Marques da Cruz

The Moon in the full of night over the high mountain,
The new sage with a lone brain sees it:
By his disciples invited to be immortal,
Eyes to the south, Hands in bosoms, bodies in the fire.


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